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What do we do ?

At Sanisphère, we are convinced that the waste produced by our bodies can be treated in ways other than drinking water, while allowing everyone to have access to a quality sanitary service. Modestly, on our small scale today, we are thus actors at the service of one of the major global environmental issues of this century, which will have to be solved sooner or later. And the sooner the better for our planet!

We offer an eco-responsible alternative to conventional public toilets with solutions that are now widely tested, easy to use and pleasant to use. Our systems have the particularity of operating without water, electricity, networks and chemicals. Our products are modern, robust, and tend to democratize and decomplex the use of so-called “dry” toilets which still have a bad image today. Sanisphère also has the ambition to massively extend the scope of its technology in the years to come (individuals, buildings, rental …).

How does it work ?

Just as our body does it naturally, Sanisphere toilets separate our effluents. The great interest of this process is to allow a much better control of the management of each waste, and especially to revalorize them. The patented Sanisphère technology which carries out this separation is a robust device based on mechanical diverters. An inclined conveyor belt directs the urine by simple gravity into an evacuation circuit. The faeces and paper remaining on the belt are conveyed to a composting room via a lever operated by the user.

These solids, dissociated from urine, become suitable to be transformed into humus by the biological and mechanical action of different detritus feeders initially introduced, and by natural actions of oxidation and evaporation. It is interesting to note over several years that the volume of these materials has been considerably reduced (about 20% per year) and has given rise to a rich and clean compost that can be used to fertilize green spaces. This control gives the incredible possibility of absorbing extremely high frequentation. This is what we have been doing for rest areas for more than 10 years. (Find out more about our Motorway range)

Urine is treated in different ways depending on the context: spreading, storage, purification stations… Today, several companies and scientists around the world are developing the different solutions of tomorrow to recycle it, by extracting some of its chemical components (such as nitrogen or phosphorus) that can be reused in different fields such as agronomy.

What about smells, hygiene, cleaning ?

The Sanisphère toilet cubicles are sober, modern, sleek and adapted to meet accessibility standards for people with disabilities. They are designed to stay clean, and to be cleaned with plenty of water.

Without adding sawdust, they have been designed for a similar use to water toilets. A simple signage, based on pictograms, makes it possible to understand in an instant how they work. Our buildings are often located on sites that are isolated from any network; in this sense we provide users in each cabin with an antibacterial gel dispenser to ensure hygiene of the seat and hands, and two paper dispensers to ensure a permanent supply.

Regardless of the type of toilet we use on a daily basis, two main nuisances make them unpleasant to use: the sight of dirt and foul odours.

We eliminated them through two principles:

  • The low-level lighting in the cabin that keeps the downspout and the conveyor belt in the shade by backlighting ;
  • The permanent ventilation of the cabin carried out by suction of the air through the bowl.

Thus, comfort is even improved compared to water toilets because there is no smell during use, or even during large flows of use: you can’t smell what the person who went before you has left !