About us : Technology

The principle

Sanisphère suggest an very efficient and original technology, based on urines and feces’ separation thanks to a rolling inclined belt.
This technology completion is the result of many years of researches and innovations managed by the founder of the company Pierre Colombot


How does the separation work ?

The treatment of liquids

Urines (and cleaning water) are flowing by gravity along the belt and are pointing at a spreading drain or a storage tank. These processes are compliants to non collective sanitation’s Technology and represent low material volums regardless/whatever the frequentation.

The treatment of solids

When using, feces (and toilet paper) are falling on the belt. After use, you don’t need sawdust. You just have to press a mecanical pedal ( more hygienic/healhty than the toilet flush) to send feces at the rear of the building : in the technical room.

Stored feces reach /get in touch with earthworm (EiseniaFoetida) implanted from the first implementation. These lombrics are both saprophagous and coprophagous, i.e its turn plants and fecal matters into compost : This is the process called vermicomposting

Feces are transformed/turned into organic loam in 24 months, without any pathogenics germs. According to the rates of use, manager can remove the loam every 5 years as a minimum and every 15 years at the most. Therefor he can recycle it in order to fertilise nearby.green spaces


Comfort for all users

Dry toilets without odors

A large part of this problem is removed thanks to the principle of separation (urines and faecal matters).

To remove odors completely, we developed severals devices with a same objective :  a continuous air extraction through the toilet bowl thanks to a ventilation system

This implementation involves a rigorous, specific building design, an unique expertise patented by Sanisphere.

Dry toilets with no visual nuisances.

The technical room is airtight, inaccessible and invisible for users.

There is a raking lighting in front of the toilet bowl The main white color in the cabin generate a backlight against the inside toilet bowl wich is in black materials. Consequently a soothing atmosphere and a feeling of still cleaned toilets are occuring.

A convenient cleaning

The cabin is designed to remain clean. There are no corners  on the sober and modern toilet seat compared to the traditional toilets

There is a slight sloping of the floor towards the door and the floor spaces are smooths ? The total time requiered for a complete cleaning of the cabin is about 10 minutes with only 3 liter of water

Each building is equiped with two high capacity paper dispensers and alcohol gel dispenser : each user could clean the seat themself to ensure the toilet seat’s cleanliness before sitting down.


Reliability and high resistance to vandalism

Sobers and sturdies devices designed to last (in time) and to limit acts of vandalism at the most.

  • High traffic person floor and cigarettes burns resistant floor
  • Interior walls covered with « Compact » ( wood fiber + resin)
  • Composite toilet seat (fibreglass + polyester resin + gel coat paint)
  • Stainless steel linings ? (door handles and hinges, toilet paper dispensers)
  • We did wear tests on our rolling belt, its are resistants to one million pedal strokes, that is the equivalent of 50 years classic use.

Unconcerned managers

Vermicomposting allows to reduce considerably feces’ volums and papers. You just need to check if the earthworm’work is optimal once a year, This free technical maintenance is suggested by Sanisphere for the first two years.

Our buildings are fully self-contained. Its are set up in a one day with no connexion to sanitation network and become immediately operationals.

The manager maintains only the cabin : regular cleaning and paper dispensers reloading.