Michel Liabeuf’s interview par Mister Michel Liabeuf, Structuring works & public spaces department Manager of Saint-Priest (2009-2012)

Michel Liabeuf’s interview

Interview achieved in April 2014 with Mr. Michel LIABEUF at that time Structuring works & public spaces department of  Saint-Priest, Rhône, France. The town decided to install 4 dry toilets between 2009 et 2012.

Why does the local authority choose to install Public dry toilets ?

The city chose this kind of toilets for the followings reasons :

  • Investment and operating costs saving
  • Regarding investment, no connexion to the sanitation, no electricity and water connexion. Investment remains high !!
  • In operating, a minimum of maintenance (cleanliness, operating) no water and electricity, same cleaning as a traditional toilets.
  • Esthetics : suitables buildings to the differents sites of the town, far from urbanised areas. (Fort, Base-ball surtout).
  • Technical : an original concept which has already proved it worth in others places in France.
  • Ecological and political : sustainable development necessity, agenda 21 action plan, to preserve earth

What could you say about  Sanisphere vermicomposting public dry toilets management ?

With this kind of dry toilets, a reasoned management, low operating expenses, dedicated staff regarding this new concept, a regular cleaning for an highest use, reuse of compost.

Why did you trust Sanisphere company many time ?

Because Sanisphere has proved it worth in several places in France, design quality, products quality, very good (lasting) business relationships, quick feasibility study, a project could be modified easily, design and production within the agreed period,  reactivity when a problem occurs (ex : disabled pedal), Free and regular maintenance the two first years, a good after sales service.


ContactMister Michel Liabeuf, Structuring works & public spaces department Manager of Saint-Priest (2009-2012)